Radio Moon Live from Forward House in NDG, Thursday, April 17, 2-3pm

Tune into CKUT 90.3 fm on Thursday April 17th from 2-3pm for a special broadcast of Radio Moon live from Forward House.

Forward House is a community based mental health organization in NDG that supports adults working on their mental health. Join us this coming Thursday April 17 to learn exactly what it is community mental health organizations do.


Beginning this Monday April 14 @ 11am, the Hidden Gems radio play series will begin airing their unique and creative content on All Things McGill until May 12th!

Hidden Gems is a creative workshop and oral history series, co-facilited by McGill’s SEDE (Social Equity & Diversity Education office), Hidden Gems creates links between students and elders in the community, resulting in a series of radio-plays that air in the Spring on All Things McGill.

Tune in starting this Monday April 14th to hear some truly unique programming!

Campaign to bring Radio to the Deaf community!

CKUT 90.3 FM is proud to support the Avalanche radio program in an indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, HAND FREQUENCIES: ASL on the Radio, a monthly series of American Sign Language videos interpreted by ASL translators from live radio broadcasts.

The launch for the campaign is next Wednesday April 23! You can help get this fundraising campaign off the ground by promoting or posting about it on social media channels under #handfrequencies and by joining our event here

Music Librarian & Music Volunteer Coordinator

Love Music? Love Librairies? Love Music Libraries? CKUT is hiring a Music Librarian & Music Volunteer Coordinator to help out in the Music Department. The position is a 6-month contract position, supported by the Community Radio Fund of Canada - Youth Intership Program, as a result, applicants for this position must be between the ages of 16 to 30 inclusive. Check out the full job posting details here: Work at CKUT

Off the hour / Apr. 16, 5-6pm / Elections in India / Accessibility / Tar sands pipeline

Tune in to CKUT at 5pm for Off the Hour with the Avalanche!

On today’s program:

Last year, TransCanada announced their intention to build a 4,500 km pipeline from the tar sands in Alberta to New Brunswick. Ben Powless from Idle No More spoke with CKUT .

Members of the Montreal group RUTA Montreal and their supporters held a demonstration to demand more accessible public transportation.

And more here

Music department blog

Department news, projects, and music we’re excited about on the regular: TOTAL ECLIPSE

If you’re looking for some live music (and other cool happenings), check our EVENT LISTINGS.

If you’re a McGIll student and want to share what you’re listening to these days, check out CAMPUS MIXTAPES. Or just check it for an endless supply of quality, long-play, single-file mixes.

Lendemain de la Veille (April 17, 7-9am)

L’impact de la fermeture du carrefour sur le quartier de Pointe Saint Charles, rencontré Marie-Michelle Poisson de l’initive citoyenne “Refusons les compteurs”, qui parle des 3,4 millions de nouveaux compteurs intelligents qu’HydroQuebec espère déployer partout au Quebec.

On retrouvera aussi Ramon en première heure, toujours à la pointe des sorties BD.

GZA - Lecture & Concert: Living History

So we did it. We brought ‘The Genius’ to McGill Campus….and this event was just too big to dismiss.

In honour of what may have been, the largest event CKUT has ever hosted, we’re locking it up in our CKUT Time Capsule!

Check out more photos, links to articles & the run down of (a fond day in history): the day that GZA came to McGill.