Shtetl Holiday Special

Tune in on Friday December 19th at 11am for the Shtetl Holiday Special featuring Justin Trudeau speaking on Chanukah and the oil sands, Manishtana on being Black & Jewish and on Ferguson. Plus, a cross-Canada road tripped fueled entirely by veggie oil.

Happy Chanukah!!

Let there be (environmentally friendly sources of) light.


Keep that dial on 90.3FM throughout the Holidays!

We have lots of special seasonal programming planned for the holidays, including on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve.

All the details are right here.


Tune in Jan. 1st 8 – 9pm for a radio documentary entitled Hearts of Darkness – An investigation of hearts & the colonial project. This documentary takes us back to the turn of the century when settlers were establishing Canada and Superintendent of Indian Affairs and Confederation poet, Duncan Campbell Scott was being paddled upstream to sign treaties and was penning that poetry that help define “civilized” and “savage”. Across the Atlantic, Joseph Conrad was making similar treks up the Congo River and writing Heart of Darkness. Produced by Radio CKUT’s Courtney Kirkby and Coel Kirkby.


In 1994, Innovations en concert was founded to support diversity in the creation of new chamber music. Under the direction of Isak Goldschneider, they continue to serve musicians and audiences alike by facilitating contact between musicians and giving them opportunities to create unusual work. In addition to acting as a cultural partner in Montréal, the province of Québec, and Canada, they strive to develop a role in the international community in the support of new artistic practices and discourse. Innovations en concert’s mission: to expand horizons and bridge worlds. Follow our IYGE residency on the music blog.

Labour Radio / Dec. 18, 5-6pm / Stand With Sex Workers!

To listen to this program from the CKUT archives, click here

Today on Labour Radio we will be talking with Lindsay Nixon, co-founder of the Indigenous Women and Two Spirit Harm Reduction Coalition, Robyn Marnard, an oureach worker at Stella, Vivanne Namaste a professor at the Simone de Beauvoir Institute and Ian Culbert, executive director of the Canadian Public Health Association about the safety of sex workers in Canada.

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This week on Wednesday Morning After, interviews with Caravonica and D’bi Young who is launching the first theatre festival at the Watah School, featuring performances by Juno-award winning dub poet, Lillian Allen. On Moving Picture Radio, an interview about the upcoming screening of tunisian documentary “J’en ai vu des étoiles”.

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