Off The Hook Radio airs every Wednesday midnight - 2am since 1997. The current crew is DJ Budda Blaze, Flo and Pro-V. They still open up the mics for rappers to call in and freestyle or come down to the station and join in the cypher.
Ever wondered where that intro comes from? We dug around a bit and found this from Comedy Central’s - Insomniac.
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THEY’RE BACK!! After a brief hiatus the rock and roll crazed hosts of the 27th Hour of Horror have returned to haunt the studios of CKUT once again. Just when you thought it was safe, those bad boys are back rattling their chains and howling into the microphones.

This is THE show for fans of Montreal punk, garage rock, psych, hardcore, and other noise from the loud side of the spectrum… They killed it in a late night slot for many-a-year, took a hiatus, and now they’re back to stir up the airwaves every Monday night from 11pm – midnight. Listen if you dare….


Rapping in English, French, Creole, Spanish and Arabic, Nomadic Massive is Montreal Hip-Hop’s best kept secret. Spreading their sound across borders and cultures, the group has captivated audiences and critics worldwide. Sharing a message of universal understanding and social justice, the live power-house has released two LP’s & two EP’s. Having toured North & South America, the Caribbean and Europe and shared the stage with the likes of Deltron 3030, Charles Bradley, K’Naan and Julian Marley, they are currently recording their new album which is set to be released in 2015. Tune in every Tues. thru Jan. 3pm - 5pm

Ground Breaking Arabs on Caravan

Premiering this coming Wednsday January 21st, Al Ruwad (The Groundbreakers). A new radio show on CKUT 90.3 fm featuring groundbreaking artists of “other” origins. Showcasing musical and multimedia cultural pioneers, The Groundbreakers will focus on cross-generational cultural production from the MENA (Middle East North Africa) region and worldwide, with an emphasis on music and exclusive artist features. Tune in this wednsday from 2 to 3 pm!

Off the Hour / Jan. 21, 5-6pm / Roma Family Resists Deportation to Hungary

To download this program from the CKUT archives, click here

-A Roma refuge family that moved to Canada three years ago to escape racial discrimination are facing deportation to Hungary on January 28th this year. If deported the Nemeth family, comprised of parents Anasztazia and Dezso, their ten-year old daughter, and two adult children, will be separated, forcing the parents and young daughter to leave behind the country they’ve made their home. If deported the family also faces the danger of increasing racial violence in Hungary.

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This week on the Wednesday Morning After (January 28, 2015), you’ve heard of Hip-Hop, but what about Krip-Hop? That’s the name for the international movement of disabled artists, poets, musicians, and MCs. We bring you this short documentary from Making Contact Radio. Bimo brings us B-sides science with recent discoveries and interesting delves into the scientific realm.

In the second hour, news from Democracy Now!, international reggae pop musician Auresia is in studio and Moving Picture Radio we speak with Nicolas Paquet, the director of Ceux Comme la Terre, a doc on the Dene peoples in northen Quebec, their history of evangelical colonization and their fight to preserve their culture. The film is screening this week at Excentris theatre. Don’t miss this packed show!

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