RAMZi takes over If You Got Ears (July)

RAMZi is Phoebé Guillemot, a self-taught producer from Montreal. In 2013, she released the EP Etwal Timoun on vinyl through the label Total Stasis as well as a tape titled DEZOMBI on Los Discos Enfantasmes. Bébites is her first self-released album under Pygmy Animals, Phoebé’s newly founded label.

Tune in on Wednesday July 9 for a live set by Antoine93 + DJ Spencer live mix.

Sounds not to be missed: on your radio dial 12-2pm Wednesday for the month of July, or online at ckut.ca!

Ève & Pandore - 2e édition!

Mercredi le 23 juillet dès 18h00, ne manquez pas la deuxième édition de l’émission féministe Ève & Pandore. Vous aurez l’occasion d’écouter notre entrevue avec Stela, une artiste de rue; notre reportage sur les douleurs vulvo-vaginales qui touchent une femme sur 5; et notre discussion sur les débats publics entre féministes!

De plus, vous découvrirez des artistes musicales géniales et notre Ève & Pandore de l’émission - une personne qui dérange dans l’actualité!

Youth Radio Camp is ON with Special Episodes every Friday!

Summer time at CKUT = the CKUT Youth Radio Camp!

Every Friday from 5-6pm there these summer radio campers lead a youth-radio revolt on the 90.3FM airwaves.

Tune in to hear the young budding radio talents of Montreal – they’ll be doing festival coverage, sound art pieces, interviews and picking their favorite tunes, every Friday until August 15th.


Stack Your Roster is a Montreal-based label made up of friends interested in quick, difficult music with feeling to spare. Will and Alex will be spinning tracks that span the length of the label, the breadth of the Montreal scene this second and the depth of everything they’ve been influenced by. They specialize in sharp guitars, fresh-chopped breaks, yellin’, yellin’, and more yellin’.

Off the Hour / July 29, 5-6pm / Canadian Complicity With War in Gaza

To download this program from the CKUT archives, click here

-A preview of the People’s Social Forum, happening in Ottawa from August 21st to 24th.

-We’ll be joined by CKUT’s Stefan Christoff, to discuss his most recent article “Trudeau embraces injustice, in Canada and in Gaza”.

-And in other Gaza coverage, we’ll bring you a special edition of This Week in Palestine from the International Middle East Media Centre, on Israel’s Operation Protective Edge and its human consequences.

Music department blog

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Wednesday Morning After, July 30, 7-9AM

This week on the Wednesday Morning After (July 30, 7-9am) Take Back the Land co-founder Rob Robinson fields tough questions from his audience of more than 50 Montreal housing rights activists. Take Back the Land was created to fight these kind of evictions and fight gentrification of low-income rental neighborhoods. We air interviews from our friends at Under the Olive Tree about the on-going assault on Gaza.

In the second hour, Dan Parker raps the news. We hear headlines from Democracy Now! and Moving Picture Radio talks independent film for all the screen buffs. Johnny Suck and LouEase Burns (aka The Back Office) discuss What Are You Frightened For? as examined through the films at this year’s Fantasia Festival.

CKUT's Time Capsule: A Yearbook Through the Ages!

CKUT’s been on the FM dial for a whole 25 years and we’re celebrating years of exciting programming in as many different ways as possible.

We’re pretty proud of our online TIME CAPSULE filled with tasty time capsule gems from the last 25 years!

Along with a selection of audio archives, we compiled a little year-to-year-to-year book showcasing our charts and top 20 lists (from New Order to Human League - our charts have got it all) from the 1980’s and beyond. Check it out.