CKUT is Hiring a Production Coordinator!

Join the CKUT team and work in a stimulating, collectively run, creative environement!

CKUT is currently seeking a Production Coordinator. This is a part-time position (25hours/week), starting mid-May. Deadline for applications is Sunday, April 19th.

The full job description and how to apply are here.

Pour en savoir plus sur la position et les detailles d’application.

MArkus LAke Hosts If You Got Ears April 2015

Montreal based musician Markus Lake will be taking to the airwaves this April on CKUT’s If You Got Ears. He will be interviewing various figures active in Montréal’s vibrant and elusive underground music scene. Expect to hear voices from La Plante, Decadent Squalor, Silverdoor, Poisson Noir, Drones Club, La Brique and more. Dip your toes into the mysterious world of “alternative” music spaces while Markus Lake plays everything from Stockhausen to Sebadoh.

Howl! Arts Collective Hosts Montreal Sessions April 2015

Howl! Arts Collective is a Montreal-based collective of cultural workers, artists and activists working for social justice via artistic expression.

Howl! Arts Collective hosts a Howl! a concert series rooted in Montreal’s fiercely creative independent arts community. From music, to dance, to spoken-word poetry, to film, Howl! features a diversity of local, national, and international artists. Howl! aims to challenge corporate-directed musical modes by celebrating grassroots artists actively building bridges between the arts and activism for social justice.

Expect to hear conversations about Art & Activism and information about the upcoming Howl! Arts Festival.


Hip Hop Week MTL is happening and if you don’t know, you better recognize. From March 15th to the 21st - workshops, panels, cyphers, speakers and live performances. There is so much going on from keynotes with Dr. Jeffrey OG Ogbar and converations with the inimitable Jean Grae and Rakim Allah. Panels and discussions on Big Booty Hos, Gender, Sexuality & Feminism in Hip Hop, Fight the Power: Panel on Hip Hop Activism & Revolution, The Language: discussion with Dr. Awad Ibrahim on the N-word. Also Silent Disco, No Band Sounds Showcase, Bust-a-Rhyme cypers and of course, the live concerts Jean Grae Frid March 20th and Rakim Sat. March 21st @ Le Belmont

Off the Hour / Mar. 27, 5-6pm / Student Strike Ramps up Despite Police Violence

Featured on today’s show:

-We’ll be joined live in studio by our correspondent Stefan Christoff, who has been out covering the night marches against austerity. As we gear up for another one tonight, Stefan will bring his perspective from the streets, as well as break down the mainstream media coverage.

-Then, as anti-austerity protests and the student strike ramp up in Montreal, with over 50 thousand students on strike across Quebec, we’ll hear about mobilizations happening on the McGill campus. The news collective’s Cecilia MacArthur brings us more.

and more

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