Passing on the Torch on Native Solidarity News

Irkar Beljaars, Native Solidarity News veteran will be retiring March 26th after 13 years behind the mic. Irkar and the CKUT News Department are looking to pass on the torch to a new host(s) and producer(s). We are looking for Indigenous hosts and producers to cover the issues, stories, and perspectives of Indigenous communities across Turtle Island. No subject is off limits. If you or someone you know is interested please contact Gau at

The Montreal Sessions Goes Back In Time!

In the March 20th episode of the Montreal Sessions we dig into the time capsule and investigate Feminism on the radio. Venus Radio origin story, a live performance and interview clip with tUnE-yArdS and an interview with Penny Pick up - past host of Cuts and Thread the Needle on the Riott Grrrl era. Tune in Tuesday 3pm -5pm

March 13th Episode Two of the Montreal Sessions Time Capsule Edition is a in depth interview with Ms. Pat Dillon Moore aka The Dreadhead aka The Empress aka Sistah P. Former host of Positive Vibes, former Station Manager of CKUT (yes, we used to have one of those) and current co host of Bhum Bhum Time alongside Angel, Storm and JD. She will dish on growing up in Montreal, her relationship with Reggae music - the many many stories she has to tell about her experiences at CKUT, the laughs and the fights.
Tune in Tuesday 3pm - 5pm or catch it on the archives.

Tune into the The Montreal Sessions throughout March for a peak into CKUT’s Time Capsule.

March 6th will kick off the month with an interview with Joan La Barbara, a great clip of who’s staying up at night with Roots Rock Reggae, a Sun Ra interview, a history of Margo Lane, bits of Rickey D’s fascinating oral history, and a spicy clip from Off The Hook which we had to shelve for a few years because it was too hot to re-air originally.

Listen live Tuesdays, 3-5pm or download the episodes afterwards at the bottom of this page.

BFPE hosts If You Got Ears February 2018

Behaviour Function Person Environment BFPE is Amanda Harvey & Andrew Gray

The February edition of If You Got Ears, will focus on a cultural cross-section of music, whether geographically, historically or politically, ranging from raves to clubs to bedroom circuit benders/knob twiddlers. Locating an iconic song within a community, we’ll work from this center point to build genealogy of the social and cultural history surrounding the track, looking at the ways in which the frequencies of electronic music can unite us in a tonal consciousness.

“Electronic circuitry confers a mythic dimension on our ordinary individual and group actions” [McLuhan]

Behaviour Function Person Environment If You’ve Got Ears Andrew Gray + Amanda Harvey

Each week BfPE will thematically explore the textures and genealogies of electronic and dance music. Focusing on an acousmatic approach to track selection, in place of genre, BfPE asks that you abandon your assumptions, to listen carefully, and create your own associations.

Week 1 - Models for Repetition: Nature and Synthesis

Week 2 - Cold + Minimal

Week 3 - Hot + Tropical

Week 4 - Consumerism and Neo New Age



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