Off the Hour / Sept 23, 5-6pm / Kurshid Begum Awan Leaves Sanctuary, Still Fighting for Status

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Featured on today’s program:

-Nearly one year after taking sanctuary in a Montreal church in order to resist a deportation order, Kurshid Begum Awan has left her sanctuary, but still remains without status. Her family and supporters held a press conference yesterday, and we’ll find out more.

-Then, 400 thousand people marched in New York City on Sunday for the historic People’s Climate March, but a support rally was also held in Montreal, bringing thousands of people out into our streets. Hailey Mackinnon from the news collective was there to file a report.

-Finally, we’ll hear the latest edition of Unfit to Print. Unfit to Print is a bi-weekly segment produced by the McGill Daily, bringing you a roundup of news, analysis and happenings in the McGill community. Today’s edition was produced by Hannah Besseau and Ali Dutrut.

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