Off the Hour / Oct 15, 5-6pm / Developing Sexual Assault Policy at McGill

Image: McGill Daily

Tune in to Off the Hour from 5-6pm today for all the best in community news from Montreal to Chile!

Featured on today’s program:

-In recent years, several high profile sexual assault cases have come to trial in North America. The issue is now coming to light in Montreal. In the second instalment of her series on sexual assault at McGill University, Camille Baker speaks with the Dean of Students, who’s been involved in writing the university’s first policy on sexual assault.

-Then, we bring you an interview with author and activist Yves Engler, speaking critically on Canada’s move to join the current bombing campaign on Iraq. This interview explores the relationship between the current military moves and the history of western military intervention in Iraq. Produced by Stefan Christoff of Free City Radio

-Finally, we bring you the latest edition of WINGS, the Women’s International News Gathering Service. A developed country where abortion is totally illegal, Chile is considering limited legal abortion - meanwhile, underground abortion on demand supports two kinds of underground economy and keeps feminists busy.

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