Off the Hour / May 29th, 5-6pm / Award for Grassy Narrows First Nation's chief

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Today on the show, last week, Chief Roger Fobister Sr. accepted the J.R. Dymond Public Service Award on behalf of his community of 1,400 indigenous Anishinabe of the Grassy Narrows First Nation. We’ll be joined live by Chief Fobister to find out more.

Then, the annual march to demand an end to deportations and status for all in Canada takes place on the eve of the deadline for people facing deportation to Haiti and Zimbabwe. We’ll speak with a member of Solidarity across borders to tell us more about this Sunday’s demonstration.

Then, beginning on Saturday, Indigenous people and their allies will be converging on Ottawa to mark the end of the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission on Residential schools, and to await the release of the final report. . Terry Audla, the President of Inuit Tapiirit Kanatami organization to talk about the significance of those events.

And finally, with the FIFA Women’s World Cup set to kick off across Canada next week, we’ll bring you coverage of this latest scandal in FIFA from Democracy Now.

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