Off the Hour / June 17th, 5-6 pm / Bring Back Daniel campaign rallies in front of Immigration Minister offices

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Today on the program, yesterday, members of Solidarity Across Borders rallied outside of the offices of Kathleen Weil, Quebec’s immigration minister. Their demand was that she take action to bring home Daniel, a teenager deported to Mexico last year, as well as to ensure that schools in Quebec remain a safe haven for undocumented migrants.

Then, on Monday, 18 cities across Canada joined together to demand that the Harper government roll back the cuts to healthcare for refugees and asylum seekers. CKUT’s Kateryna Gordichuk spoke with organizers in several different cities to bring us more on this national mobilization.

Finally, we bring you an exclusive documentary on community radio in the Arab world, produced by CKUT’s Anna Marchese.

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