Off the Hour / June 19th, 5-6 pm / Legislative Elections in Mexico

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Today on the show, we go to Mexico. CKUT’s Emma Nouradounkian will bring us a report on the country’s recent legislative elections.

Then, Retail janitors in Minnesota went on a 24 hour strike, starting 6 a.m. on June 9, to protest the unfair working conditions and low pay wages of their industry. The strike was the fifth (and biggest) retail janitor strike in the last two and a half years. We’ll go to CKUT’s correspondent in Minnesota, Jill Bachelder to bring us more.

Finally, we bring you voices from the Allied Media Conference, happening right now in Detroit. CKUT’s Hera Chan and Carolin Huang led a workshop on community radio production earlier today, and we’ll bring you clips from one of the most dynamic media activist gatherings in North America.

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