Ways of Listening

Here’s a quick review of all the ways you can enjoy your favourite CKUT programming:

-You can tune into 90.3FM on yer radio dial.
-Or stream by clicking the Listen Live button top right of the screen.
-Does your phone have a radio? Try that. Or listen on your smart phone by downloading the free app TuneIn Radio.
-Missed your favourite show? We gotcha covered. CKUT archives go back three months.
-iTunes? You can click the Subscribe in iTunes link on any show page to get a subscription.
-Do you use other music players or podcast apps? Copy the RSS 128kpbs Podcast link on any show page into your player/app to get a subscription. There is also a directory of RSS feeds at the bottom of this page. -Want to browse highlights? Hit up our Soundcloud & Youtube channel.
-Don’t know what to listen to? Browse this page!

RSS Feed Directory

Monday Block

Monday Morning After

Latin Music Mondays / Made In Brazil

All Things McGill

World Skip The Beat

Radio Is Dead

New Shit

En Profondeur


Dykes on Mykes / Lesbo-sons

Underground Sounds

Drastic Plastic

27th Hour

Harmony Express

Pir@te Et Libre

The Suite Delight

The Long and Short of It

Tuesday Block

Tuesday Morning After

Basabasa Soukousoundz


The Kitchen Bang Bang Law

VOKO - Voice of Korea

The Montreal Sessions

Off The Hour: Tuesday

Native Solidarity News / Nipivut

Health On Earth

Hotel Du Blues

Easy Sonic Living / Harvey Christ Radio Hour

Space Plane

Your Radio Is Broken

Full Circle

Wednesday Block

Wednesday Morning After

The Sleepy Kings / Terminal 5

Free City Radio

XX Files

If You Got Ears

The Groundbreakers

All Da Way Live Radio

Off The Hour: Avalanche

OWL / Audio Smut / In The Motherhood / Spitfiyah / Eve et Pandore


Jazz Euphorium

Lo Signal

Off the Hook

You Need a Heart to Live / The Lizard Room

William Shatner’s Whiskey Tears

Total Eclipse of the Charts

Thursday Block

Lendemain De La Veille

Folk Directions

Under The Olive Tree


Voices of Montreal - Radio Moon / Tranzister Radio / Treyf / Out of Lines

Positive Vibes

Off The Hour: No One is Illegal Radio / Labour Radio / Prison Radio / La Voix des Immigrants


Grey Matters

Dromotexte / Pirate Bloc Radio

Chaud Pour le Mont-Stone / Francis et les Exerciseurs

Cabelli Presente / L’Air(e) Du Diable

Listen! You Smell Something?

G Flex Survivor’s Corner

Friday Block

The Morning Detour on Friday Morning After

Jazz Amuck

Legal Ease / Prison Radio / O Stories

Butcher T’s Noon Time Cuts

Montreal Arab

Off the Hour: Friday


Listening To Latin America


The Weekend Groove


Soca Sessions

The Mash Time Show

Québec-Acadie en Musique

Saturday Block

Anything Goes / John Abbott On The Air

Samedi Midi Inter

Funky Revolutions

West Indian Rhythms

Masters At Work

Howls From Hell / Metallic Montreal

Skewing The Waves


Utopia’s Paradise

Sunday Block

Mind, Soul & Spirit

Latin Time / Tiempo Latino

International Radio Report

Free Kick

Modular Systems / Future Classic Radio

The Goods

Bhum Bhum Time

Desi Beats

Bluegrass Rambling

Country Classics

Cha Cha In Blue

Ill Groove Garden

Sound of Soul

Roots, Rock, Reggae

Adventures In Music