If You Got Ears -- February Edition

This month local Little Italy Omelette Champion 2011 Kaity Zozula will be forcibly commandeering the airwaves on If You Got Ears every Wednesday this February from 12-2pm.

Rising like a Big Muff-obsessed phoenix from the ashes of infamous rabble-rousers The Femme Maggots, Kaity currently plays in «a couple of bands».

Fresh off headlining DJ sets at «My Couch, 2am, summer of 2013», and «that one time at Kathy and Kimy», Kaity is «stoked» to «finally» bring her fresh and commercially-viable «vibe» to the station.

Expect the unexpectable, explain the inexplicable, digest the indigestible, expect phone calls from her dad and plenty of scare quotes.