Off the Hour / Feb. 18, 5-6pm / Celebration Capitalism and Sochi

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**Featured on today’s program:

-An interview with Jules Boycoff on celebration capitalism and the Sochi Winter Olympics. Jules is a former Olympian athlete, a current associate professor at the Pacific University in Oregon, and the author of “Celebration Capitalism and the Olympic Games”.

-Last week, Hamilton, Ontario became the second Canadian city (after Toronto) to become a sactuary city. Sanctuary cities are ones that pledge to open up all their services to undocumented migrants, including public schools, libraries, health services, and shelters. CKUT spoke with Maria Antelo of the Hamilton Sanctuary City coalition.

-An interview with Jerome Di Giovanni of La Table de Regroupements Provinciaux D’Organismes Communautaires et Bénévoles on their opposition to the Quebec Values Charter.

-A report by CKUT alumni Stefanie Clermont on last Friday’s march for missing and murdered aboriginal women from Vancouver for Free Speech Radio News

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