Off the Hour / Feb. 25, 5-6pm / Updates from Ukraine

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On today’s program:

-The latest edition of Groundwire, community radio news from coast to coast to coast. Today’s edition was produced by by Kim Hornak at CFMH on Maliseet Territory in Saint John, New Brunswick.

-A special report following up on the February 20th Kyiv Massacre in Ukraine, that cost almost 100 people their lives, referred to as black Thursday by those who lived through it. CKUT’s own Tamara Filyavich spoke with Valerii Dorotenko, an independent media activist from Kiev. Dorotenko has been involved with the current protests for almost a year and has been running a live tv internet stream at  The testimony sheds some light on what happened and gives an update on the current situation.

-A preview of tomorrow’s 12th annual Homelessness Marathon. The marathon will be broadcast from 5pm on February 26th until 9am on February 27th, bringing the voices of homeless folks across Canada to your airwaves.

-A preview of tomorrow’s Forum on Consent being held at McGill University.

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