Off the hour Mar. 5 / Russia invades Ukraine / Hotel Dieu hospital closing down

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Featured on today’s program:

You’ll be hearing from Valerii Drotenko in Kyiv for a report of the situation in Ukraine in light of the recent Russian Military invasion of the Crimean Peninsula. We also continue our look at the Maidan Massacre that took place on February 20th in Kyiv. More information.

Social housing issues were at the center of concerns over the last couple of weeks. The Regie du logement is forcing people to live in outrageous conditions: when a tenant has sanitary issues in his flat, he as to wait an average of twenty months before his complaint gets heard. Also, civil society calls out to the liberal party of Canada to make commitments in the area of social housing, and finally, tenants shed light on the government’s spendings in defense compared to its spendings in social housing. More information from the Frapru and the Popir-comite logemeny.

Finally, we bring you some information about the Hotel Dieu, a historic building currently serving as a hospital that will soon be converted. Lucia Kowaluk spoke to Off the Hour about how the building can keep being put to good use, once it no longer is a hospital. The Milton Parc Citizen Committee believes that the Hotel Dieu could become a cooperative that houses people in need, such as the homeless or the senior population.

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