Off the hour / Mar. 14 5-6pm / Struggles against War, Imperialism, and Police Violence

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On today’s show:

Stephane Bertrand from the Avalanche will be speaking with senior editor of The Walrus Magazine Drew Nelles about the Sochi Paralympic games, which wrap up in Russia on Sunday. We will be discussing the history of the games, as well as the possibility for mainstream popularity.

You’ll hear from students from Demilitarize McGill who blockaded the Macdonald Engineering building this morning to protest against Canadian military-funded drone research.

Tomorrow, March 15th, is the 18th annual international day against police brutality, and like in previous years, there will be a demonstration in Montreal. You’lll hear from members of the Collective Opposed to Police Brutality, as well as community organizer Will Prosper on racial profiling.

Today’s show will also honour the life of Toronto-based independent journalist Ali Mustafa, who was killed in a Syrian army airstrike in Allepo on Sunday. We’ll hear an archived interview with Mustafa recorded by Stefan Christoff.

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