Off the Hour / May 16, 5-6pm / ASSE Responds to Menard Commission

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Featured on today’s program:

-The Menard Commission, looking into police repression during the 2012 student strike and maple spring, released its final 500 page report on Wednesday evening. The student organization ASSE has raised some alarms over the release of this report, stating that it shines light on the deterioration of fundamental rights in Quebec. We’ll be joined live in studio by Benjamin Gingras from ASSE to tell us more.

-The results from the federal elections in India were announced early today, with Hindu-nationalist BJP leader Narendra Modi taking a majority of seats. Many people in India fear for what Modi’s victory could mean for women, queer people, and religious minorities. CKUT’s June Jang brings us an interview with Jean Chapman on violence against women in contemporary India. CKUT sat down with Chapman for the third time to discuss the origin of violence against Indian women in public and private spheres, and especially against widows in India.

-Then IRFAN, the International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy, is a non-profit organization that supplies humanitarian help to Muslim regions of the world, espacially in Gaza, the West Bank and neighbouring countries home to Palestinian refugees. IRFAN was recently listed as a terrorist organization by the Harper government. Off the Hour’s Amelie Phillipson spoke with Tyler Levitan from Independant Jewish Voices to find out more.

-Plus reports from a demonstration in solidarity with the Awan family yesterday, as well as a preview of Saturday’s Girls of the Hood conference at the Atwater Library.

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