Off the Hour / May 29, 5-6pm / Social Movements Oral History Tour

To listen back to this program from the CKUT archives, click here

On Off the Hour today, we spend the show looking at social movement oral histories with SoMove. We will be joined in studio for the rest of the hour with a live panel of media activists and oral historians who have been on tour across North America this spring, documenting voices, memories, and stories of struggle. We will be talking about the importance of story-telling in movement building, and much more.

A bit about SoMove

We are oral historians, independent journalists, artists, activists, organizers and media-makers who think that storytelling can be a political event and direct action. Stories honor past movements, teach and inspire current and future organizing. Stories can build community and help us to re-imagine what social movements are and can be. They can reveal patterns that point us toward transformative action.

In spring and summer (and maybe fall) of 2014 we will tour North America, collecting oral histories and ideas from radical, Left and progressive social movement activists and organizers across the continent. To share these stories we will create and curate a traveling installation and an online, multimedia platform.

SoMove is also currently fundraising for their tour with a recenlty launched Indiegogo campaign

For more information, or to get involved in the news collective, contact