Suoni Session -- Liberez Les Oreilles

Suoni Per Il Poplo features some of the most dynamic & elclectic sounds around…and CKUT is bringin’ em straight to your ears, tune in every Tuesday from 3-5pm to liberate your ears//liberez les oreilles.

For the month of June, each show will feature a different host given’ their top picks, interviews & inside scoop on the festival…Here’s what is on the musical menu for this month!

Keep checking the music blog for full details of live performances and oodles of Suoni ticket giveaways.

June 3 - Catherine Simone Debard. aka Ylang Ylang

June 10 - Alex Moskos. Better known in solo form as Drainolith.

June 17 - Steve Guimond. Artistic Director of the Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival for the past 8 years!

June 17 - Live Broadcast. From Casa del Popolo for Circuit des Yeux + Le Fruity Vert+ Ancient Ocean 9pm - 11pm.

June 24 - Jean-Sebastien Truchy. avec la soleil sortant de sa bouche & founding member of Los Disco Enfantasmes.