Do you like CONCERTS? Tonight's the night!

See you at Casa del Popolo tonight, August 16th, for Institutional Prostitution + Syngja + ¡Flist! + HALFDOGJ.R!

You know what’s awesome?

When our radio programmers also happen to be excellent concert programmers, like Nick Cabelli from Cabelli Présente! Nick has programmed an excellent series of shows in August on the 16th, 18th, and 24th!

Co-presented by the CKUT Music Department, the shows feature CKUT faves like Cop Car Bonfire, Dreamboy, ¡Flist!, Halfdogj.r, Hand Cream, Institutional Prostitution, Les Momies de Palerme, Mozart’s Sister, Syngja, UN et/ou We R Dying 2 Kill U and lots more.

Here’s the show poster for the first show in the series, check out Cabelli’s Tumblr for more!

Keep Your Ears Perked: Youth Radio Camp and Radio is Dead with AJ Cornell

Things to listen for:

This Friday, July 20th, the third week of CKUT Youth Radio Campers will be taking over the airwaves from 5 to 6pm.

Each group of campers learn how to DJ, conduct interviews, put together radio shows and at the end of their program they test out their new skills by hosting a full hour of live radio. Don’t miss it, they’re the best!

And, this coming Monday, July 23rd…

Radio is Dead will be bringing you the best in sound art and sonic exploration.

Get yourself close to the interweb or a radio from 2 to 3 pm on Monday, July 23rd so that you can tune in to the artful stylings of AJ Cornell.

A Montreal-based musician and beloved CKUT alum, Cornell often graces the CKUT airwaves with her creative sound exploration. Her performances are not to be missed.

Catch Radio is Dead - stayin› strong on the front lines of sound - every Monday from 2 to 3 PM.

This is what's HOT tonight: CKUT Dragonroot Concert feat. Moe Clark, Man Chyna, A K U A +++ [AUGUST 22]

We’re teaming up with the 2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy to bring Montreal a t-r-u-l-y special Dragonroot concert featuring MANCHYNA, Moe Clark and A K U A!

A K U A combines a variety of raw and deeply personal songs and soundscapes supported by a seriously distinct and versatile vocal talent. Her style is remote soul mixing elements of soul, folk, pop, electronic and R&B. Listen here

MAN CHYNA burst from a Smoky Mountain-womb just like his personal (s)hero, Dolly Parton. Part burlesque and part faggotronic rap, Man Chyna strip hops around Canada like a sissy M.I.A (Sissy Elliot?). Won’t you be the Boy-oncé to his Gay-Z? Mo Homo!

Métis musician MOE CLARK fuses performance narrative, circle singing, spoken word, looping pedal and more. Listen here

REPRODUCTIVE JUSTICE CHOIR invite you to join them in medleys of access, choice and self-determination!

Where? 10 Pins Ouest #414

When? Wednesday, August 22.

Doors at 8PM / Show at 9PM

How much? $5 suggested donation no one turned away

All proceeds go to Radio CKUT & the 2110 Centre

*Homemade kombucha and samosas will be available for sale

In case you haven’t heard, the Dragonroot Radio project is a joint collaboration between CKUT and the 2110 dedicated to bringing feminism, gender issues, the latest news, incredible musical talent and discussions on cultural happenings to the airwaves.

Clip of the Week: Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars Live on Basa Basa Soukous Soukous Soundz

«The radio is a very powerful source of our inspiration»

Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars stopped by CKUT this past Tuesday to perform live on Basa Basa Soukous Soukous Soundz.

Big Fat Dog Waiting for a Bone? Bone delivered!
Tune in to Basa Basa every Tuesday from 9-11 am.

July’s Montreal Sessions: Randolph Jordan’s 21st Century Schizophone

This July on The Montreal Sessions join film and soundscape chef Randolph Jordan for the 21st Century Schizophone, an eclectic meditation on the weird and wonderful consequences of the electroacoustical transmission of sound.

The show takes its cue from R. Murray Schafer’s concept of “schizophonia,” referring to the various disorientations found within auditory environments increasingly saturated with technologies of sound reproduction, and will present a wide array of material that critiques, comments upon and celebrates the interventions of sound technologies in our daily lives.

Tune in and you will hear soundscape compositions, film sound collages, epic psychedelic remixes, basement ballyhoo and some chatter featuring the work of artists within the Soppy Bag Records collective and beyond.

The first episode featured Gerstyn Hayward’s A Family Thing, an hour-long piece of composite radio theatre drawing material from film melodrama, science-fiction, noir, horror and many points in between, arranged as a rumination on the medium of radio while exploring the theme of absence in families that have been disrupted by the departure of a single member.

This week’s show will feature an in-depth listen to the work of sound designer Leslie Shatz and composers Hildegard Westerkamp and Frances White in and around the films of Gus Van Sant. We continue the show’s schizophonic mandate by considering what happens when soundscape composition is imported into the audiovisual realm of the cinema, and how film sound can become a sound art in its own right through the magic of radio.

Tune in Tuesday, July 10th from 3-5pm or check out the show archives after the fact!

Talkin' Print: Remembering the Montreal Mirror

Tune in tomorrow from 7:30 to 8:30AM as CKUT dedicates an hour of programming to remembering the Montreal Mirror. If you can’t quite hack getting up that early, don’t worry - the archived show is available online here.

Jonathan Cummins, Chris Barry, and other contributors and editors of the Montreal Mirror will be in studio discussing what it means to have lost one of the major hubs of anglophone arts & culture news in Montreal. They’ll delve into the history of the publication, the impact it has had on Montreal and what’s next for print media of its kind. Don’t miss it!

Carnival Weekend at CKUT

Machel Montano, International Power Soca Monarch, brought his energy to Montreal this Carifiesta weekend. Before he brought down the roof at Cegep Andre Laurendeau he got into things with Howard Stretch Carr and Faith Sankar on West Indian Rhythms.

If you were jumping up on the road and missed this interview - you can listen to it here.

Veteran ‘yard music’ performer Eric Donaldson honoured the 50th anniversary of Jamaican Independence by performing at Parc Jean Drapeau for Jamaica Day. He held residence at CKUT as well. You can here him interviewed on Positive Vibes Thursday, July 5th 3 to 5pm and again on Butcher T’s Noon Time Cuts Friday, July 6th noon to 2pm.

This summer: Migrant Voices on All Things McGill

All Things McGill presents Migrant Voices, a project of the Immigrant Workers Centre, every Monday from 11:00 to 11:30am through July and August.

The Migrant Voices project is a collection of testimonies about the experiences of people who come to Canada as im/migrant workers.

These testimonies are recorded in workshops organized by the Immigrant Workers Centre (IWC) and CKUT. In these segments, workers share their stories about their lives and struggles in their places of work.

This project is part of the ongoing efforts of the IWC to help organize workers to defend their rights, and to raise awareness about im/migrant labour justice in Montreal. In these recordings, workers tell of their struggles for dignity and respect as they face wage theft and physical abuse by employers, separation from family, and the constant risk of unemployment and deportation. These stories also bear witness to the tremendous courage of workers - who come from as far as Guatemala, the Philippines, Senegal, and Bangladesh - and who organize and fight back against exploitative and precarious conditions.

The Migrant Voices project is a new chapter in a history of struggle that too often goes untold in Canada and Quebec: stories of the subjugation of working people, but also of their collective power. Please share these stories with your friends. The Migrant Voices broadcasts will be archived on the IWC website, where you can also donate through PayPal to support our work.

The Migrant Voices project was made possible with support from the Béati Foundation, along with QPIRG-McGill, CKUT 90.3 FM, Radio Centre-Ville, PINAY, and Dignidad Migrante.

CKUT Listings!

The loss of the Montreal Mirror has left a gaping hole in the media landscape of Montreal - there’s no denying it. While CKUT can never make up for the lack of a hold-it-in-your-hands alternative weekly print publication, we got to thinking that perhaps we could do our part by making our LISTINGS public. So, that’s just what we’re doing!

Dying to know what concerts are coming up? Need to know what arts & culture & community events are going on? We’re going to do our best to compile comprehensive listings for you.

We’ll update them weekly and are happy to receive submissions and suggestions at

You can find CKUT’s listings here.

P.S. May print media live long and prosper. We wish all the best to the writers, editors, photographers, and contributors of the Montreal Mirror and are excited to see what they come up with next!

NEXT LEVEL CLIP OF THE WEEK: Spend some time with Butcher T & Tarrus Riley

Remember how we told you Tarrus Riley was live in studio? We weren’t lying. Watch the man in action!

Then spend 60 seconds with the legendary Butcher T, host of Butcher T’s Noon Time Cuts, and tune in to catch him every Friday from noon to 2 pm!


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