CKUT is celebrating 30 years of being on the airwaves. Officially, we turn 30 in November 2017 but we want to celebrate for the whole year with a series of events and activities that will aim to tell the story of CKUT in all its eclectic glory.

We are looking for stories, reflections, and memories of your CKUT experience. These stories will appear on CKUT’s Time Capsule, be available in audio form as a podcast, and possibly be included in a zine that we hope to publish at the end of the year.

So tell us:

What it is like to do programming in the middle of the night?

Some of the more interesting guests & interviews you may have had?

Some of the audio experiments you attempted or created?

Some of the discussions/debates/arguments you had?

Some of the discussions/debates/arguments your community was having and how the radio station engaged in this?

What was it like to work here?

What was it like to be a volunteer here?

If you have been here for a long time - how have things changed?

What was the experience of being here for a short time like?

What was your first impression?

How to submit:

You can record your submission by making an appointment at the station if you would like to record it here. Alternately, you can record on your cell phone or other audio recording device and email the audio to You can also leave your submission on the listener’s comment line voicemail 514-448-4041 ext 2547

If you have any archives, cassettes, photos, flyers, or posters that you think should be included in our time capsule, please dig them up! We can scan and digitalize for you.

And please forward this to anyone who you think may have great stories for us!

Mutek Takes Over the Montreal Sessions August 2017

The 18th edition of Mutek hits the clubs, performance spaces, & venues from August 22nd to the 27th and takes over CKUT’s airwaves every Tuesday throughout August from 3pm to 5pm. Expect live performances, interviews and features from the artists participating in this year’s festival of digital creativity and electronic music.

** Aug. 01** Live performance from Gonima

Live performance from Imaginary Landscape

** Aug. 8th** Live Performance from Forage

Sylvain Bouthilette hosts If You Got Ears August 2017

Visual artist Sylvain Bouthilette and bass player for the legendary hardcore band Bliss hosts If You Got Ears every Wednesday from noon - 2pm. Dub is spiritual, dub is cosmic, dub is political, dub is introspection, dub is action, dub is on the barricades and is a voice of resistance. From the Jamaican mothership, the British Stepper style and the international scene, we will be exploring all of its aspects.Wednesday noon - 2pm , only on CKUT 90.3fm and

Listen to the episodes you missed here!


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