Art's Birthday Special Potion 2018

CKUT is brewing up a special potion for our annual celebration of the Birth of Art

Tossed into the cauldron are some of our favourite magicians of art YLANG YLANG ANNA ATKINSON RIPPLEGANGER **SHAHIR OMAR KRISHNASWARMY **

Stir carefully my pretties -

They will really put a spell on you

Plus - Soothsayers spinning tunes by Studio XX Wiccan baked goods and more

You are summoned to casa del popolo on Monday January 22 at 9 pm

bring a sacrifice of 8-10$ but noone will be turned away for the lack of offering

Pete Gendron hosts If You Got Ears January 2018

This January let Pete Gendron (mem. Psychic City guide you, hand-in-hand, through a bubblegum machine in the atrium of a Best Buy. We’re going rafting down rivers of soda on the less popular sides of the moon - so bring your swim trunks! If novelty fascinates you, if you like the sensation of “songs” hitting your “ears,” if you always pictured the inside of a grave as being most likely lined with paisley, this show is for you, and only you, so pay no attention to the emerald rat sun-tanning in the collapsible beach chair.

Every Wednesday in January noon - 2pm


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