CKUT’s airwaves & archives are filled with amazing radio shows but it doesn’t stop there! We also have some amazing podcasts!

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Code Burst

Code Burst is a story about a violent, unexpected shift in the structure of the global economy. It involves the growing skills gap, the growing tech industry, the growing obsolescence of higher education, and one married couple who either tried to make a difference, or tried to make a buck. This is a story about trust and whether the growing amount of coding “boot-camps” actually deliver what they promise.

Taking It All Off

Taking it all off Real conversations with McGill students about sex, sexuality, love and intimacy is a new podcast created in collaboration with Residence Life, the Office for Sexual Violence Response, Support and Education, CKUT 90.3FM and student experts at McGill. We bring you informative, insightful and sometimes hilarious information about sex and sexuality from students and other McGill members

Listen here

CKUT’s Time Capsule

CKUT’s Time Capsule is a history of some of our most interesting shit from 1987-today. Random old interviews, heartfelt retrospectives, & slices of wacky-pie can all be found in there.

L7, Chuck D, Ian Mackaye, Sun Ra Arkestra, Jimmy Cliff, Hole, & Buju Banton are some of the artists featured in it, but there are way more!

You can browse the site or subscribe to the podcast - either way, prepare for a one-of-a-kind history lesson.

Des sorcières comme les autres

L’objectif de Des sorcières comme les autres est de fabriquer une émission d’une heure diffusée toutes les deux semaines où on choisit de privilégier des paroles de femmes, généralement peu entendues dans les espaces publics. Des sorcières comme les autres, ce sont des débats en direct, des reportages, des interviews, des chroniques diverses, des portraits, des coups de gueule, des coups de cœur, de la musique de femmes, de l’actualité locale et internationale, des brèves…et tout ce que chacune a envie d’y apporter. Horizontale et non mixte, cette émission nous permettra aussi d’apprendre en faisant: nous nous essayerons à la technique, au montage et chercherons à trouver nos voix et à en faire entendre.

Scientifica Radio

Scientifica Radio is part of CKUT’s 90.3FM Friday Morning After show. Airing every Friday (except the first friday of the month) at 8:30 am.

Scientifica Radio is a group of people around Montreal who are passionate about science communication and making research and stories accessible to the public!

Dragonroot Radio

Dragonroot Media is a feminist media collective that aims to produce anti-oppressive media with a gender focus. Dragonroot values self-determination and representation, and works within an anti-oppressive, anti-racist, and anti-colonial framework. As a feminist media collective, Dragonroot enthusiastically rejects the notion of neutral and objective media, recognizing it as actively supporting established social power dynamics and institutional violences.

More concretely, Dragonroot is a collaboration between CKUT 90.3FM and the Centre for Gender Advocacy and hosts a weekly radio program from 8:30 – 9:00AM on CKUT. Our website is home to our radio archives, a diversity of online articles, artistic pieces, local feminist news, and much more.

La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse

La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse, a feminist artist-run centre in Montreal, makes radio!


BRAINWAVES: Student Research on Air, is a podcast series created as a collaboration between the Post Graduate Student Society of McGill University and CKUT Radio. It features student research of all disciplines in Montreal and make academic work more broadly understood and accessible.


WEFUNK celebrates a lineage of powerful, inspired music. The roots of soul, funk and rapping go back way further than the 70s, but something special began when James Brown gave the drummer some, Larry Graham hit the bass harder, Kool Herc gave the dancers breaks, DJ Hollywood worked the mic… and musicians worldwide found the funk seeping through their walls and into their music. Strong music gave a strong foundation to speak on social problems, relationships, politics and living conditions. And it made one hell of a party groove. Funk gave birth to hip-hop, and as the past grew into the present funk and hip-hop touched every modern music, leaving their mark—a swagger, a groove, mo’ bounce… and something to twist your face and nod your head to. You know it when you hear it. And they play it on WEFUNK

Broad Science

Are you a science-minded person who is looking for a different perspective from the typical science journalism you might regularly find in the media? Do you feel marginalized by the way science is reported, but are curious to learn more? Do you like your science with a side of social justice?

We created Broad Science for you! So join your friendly local science broads in climbing out of the ivory tower and into the streets to hear the diverse science stories that will open up your minds!

Our team includes:
Rackeb Tesfaye
Emily Anne Opala
Hannah Besseau
Christian Apollo

The Uncoverables

The Uncoverables is a genre-less collection of artist interviews and playlists featuring artists you won’t find anywhere else. (Except CKUT of course).

Out of the Fog

Out of the Fog is a radio podcast where critical perspectives on adoption are brought to the forefront.


A debatably Jewish podcast.

Recorded at CKUT in Montreal (on occupied Kanien’kehá:ka territory), in the shadow of the cross of secularism, Sam Bick and David Zinman reflect on the political discussions that are happening (and not happening) in North American Jewish communities.

The Climate Show

The Climate Show is a podcast that explores the issues of climate change and climate justice. Airs Mondays 8h30-9h00 as part of the Monday Morning After on CKUT90.3FM

Eve et Pandore

Notre objectif est de porter un regard réflexif et intersectionnel sur différents enjeux, mettre de l’avant des pistes d’actions féministes et offrir un espace de parole à d’autres féministes afin qu’elles puissent partager leur savoir et leurs expériences.

Ève et Pandore sont deux personnages considérées dans leur mythologie respective – chrétienne et grecque – comme étant la première femme créée. Ayant désobéi aux ordres d’une divinité suprême masculine, elles ont été tenues responsables de tous les plus grands maux de l’humanité.

Ainsi, nous portons comme étendard de notre insoumission, le nom de ces femmes, injustement calomniées.

CKUT’s Soundcloud

This isn’t an actual podcast, but it is a source of a lot of great content. Interviews, reports, and features are uploaded regularly. Check it out and subscribe!

The content may or may not be cat related.

The Ecolibrium Radio Residency

The Ecolibrium Radio Residency is designed to equip campus-based activists with the skills they need to amplify their message on the FM dial and across the globe through internet podcasts. To get involved, or for more information about the project, email us at ecolibriumfm@gmail.com !

Under The Weather: Climate Change Research and Justice

Under The Weather was a monthly lecture series on climate activism and research brought to you by CKUT, McGill University’s Sustainability Projects Fund, and Climate Justice Montreal.