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The Mash Time Show

on CKUT 90.3 FM Saturday 4:00-6:00.

Welcome to the evolution of Hip-hop/Reggae. After 30 plus years, hip-hop/reggae is still here and can no longer be considered a passing fad. The Mash Time Show will bring to the masses the culture everyone adores. The first hour is a blend of Hip Hop and RnB and the second hour is a blend of reggae and calypso. To transition between hours there is also a brief update on entertainment news. The format is simple, The Mash Time Show is hip-hop/reggae for community radio. Targeting all who appreciate this culture regardless of age. Gender or race need not be considered since hip-hop/Reggae has proven to be appreciated by everyone around the world. The main objective is to keep it clean, enjoyable and up-to-date. Education is also important that is why the experience of a 28 year veteran is crucial to it’s ongoing success. A veteran DJ/Promoter and on air talent can educate the masses on Hip-hop/Reggae’s history, stability and political woes. They’re just waiting for the right show to come along that speaks to the masses. That show is The Mash Time Show.

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Positive Vibes

on CKUT 90.3 FM Thursday 15:00-17:00.

Positive Vibes: One of the longest running shows on CKUT, originated by Janice Dayle “J.D”, in 1986 (pre-FM licence) and arguably, opening the door to other Caribbean, Afro-centric programmes. It has had various other hosts over the years including Sistah P (Pat Dillon, currently host of Bhum Bhum Time) Prym Tyme, and Majesty. The current hosts are Johnny Black, Roger Moore and Nadine. Montreal’s reggae matrix, they play all forms of reggae, roots, rub a dub, ska, dancehall, vintage, rarites and keep reggae lovers informed of all the events happening in Montreal.

Thursdays 3-5pm.

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G Flex Survivors Corner

on CKUT 90.3 FM Friday 4:00-7:00.

G Flex Survivor’s Corner Reggae tunes to end your evening or brighten your morning.

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Full Circle

on CKUT 90.3 FM Wednesday 4:00-7:00.

Full Circle presents reggae music and its international influence on modern music. The show includes interviews, live sessions, background information on artists, and even poetry sessions. The show focuses on reggae music but will sometimes branch out to ska, rock steady, mento, and other forms of Jamaican folk music. Catch Full Circle, hosted by Donald Hall & Kya Kindu every Wednesday morning from 4:00-6:00am.

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Butcher T's Noon Time Cuts

on CKUT 90.3 FM Friday 12:00-14:00.

Featuring legendary DJ Butcher T . Butcher T’s Noon Time Cuts began in 1992 and showed Montreal what a real Urban Programme could be like. Butcher T’s Noon Time Cuts provides interviews from international/local artists and a wide variety of music genres from Old/New School, Soul/R&B, Hip Hop, Funk, and House. This program also airs the rhythms of Caribbean and Latin music including Reggae, Soca, Zouk, Salsa, Bachata, etc., just to name a few. Butcher T lets the music flow and plays whatever genre suits the mood - full of surprises and .

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The Weekend Groove

on CKUT 90.3 FM Friday 22:00-Saturday 0:00.

The Weekend Groove features R&B, Urban AC, funk, soul, local, independent and classic artists to get your weekend groove goin. Be it R&B, Soul, Neo-Soul, Hip Hop, Reggae, Gospel, Smooth Jazz or Spoken Word, if we like it we play it. Music is our passion, sharing is our pleasure. Hosted by Mikey Don and DJ Everton Green.

After 20 odd years on the airwaves in Montreal and streaming on the internet, one thing remains the same: Fridays from 10 pm to Midnight, CKUT is the place where Montrealers and music lovers from all across the internet tune in to get their weekend started. Whether it’s the First Friday of the month and we bring you that Old School Vibe or we feature new album releases, SoundCloud moments, the vibe is always right.

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Bhum Bhum Time

on CKUT 90.3 FM Sunday 16:00-18:00.

Bhum Bhum Time plays oldies from R&B, Disco, Soul, Funk, Caribbean, and other Black music genres. The program wants to play these classics from the 20th century to evoke old memories: memories of how one used to party, old relationships, fashions, political/social eras, themes and fads. Bhum Bhum Time also features spoken word, as well studio discussion about the social context of these Old Mistresses and Masters of Black music. This show airs Sunday afternoons 16:00-18:00 with your hosts Sista P, Angel, JD, and DJ Storme.

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Reggae Fest 2013

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Roots, Rock, Reggae

on CKUT 90.3 FM Monday 1:00-4:00.

Roots, Rock and Reggae, with your hosts Fluxy, Singing P, and Mr. Boom, has been airing since 1996. Tune in to hear anything from roots, to lovers’ rock, calypso, a little bit of soca, ska and rock steady. Smooth island tunes and dancehall fans will also find their fix on this show. Listeners call in to make requests, send greetings and discuss a variety of topics.

Check out one of the very early shows in 1994-95 with Fluxy, Prym Tyme and Johnny Black in CKUT’s Time Capsule

The shows airs every sunday night monday morning from 1am to 4am .

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Sound of Soul

on CKUT 90.3 FM Monday 0:00-1:00.

Sound of Soul is a show that targets the funk, R&B, and soul community in the greater Montreal region. This program specializes in informing the public about Afro-centric issues but still integrating music from a variety of genres in its format. Hosted in alternating weeks by Rickey D and DJ V-Mind & Tash.

Sound of Soul brings to CKUT a show that appreciates R&B, Old School, New School, and R&B soul music.

This show plays every Monday morning from 00:00-1:00.

You Tube Video here

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Soca Sessions

on CKUT 90.3 FM Saturday 2:00-4:00.

Soca Sessions features music from Calypso, Rapso, Zouk, Groovy Soca and Soca genres that are indigenous to the Caribbean and the world at large. Soca Sessions mission is to keep the Soca aspect of the Caribbean culture alive in Montreal.

When it comes to Montreal’s Caribbean music scene, Production Sounds is considered Soca royalty. Also hosting Soca Sessions program Eloi Thomas, SK. Soca Sessions is full of surprises with DJs, Guests and artists every week. This team takes you through a musical journey.

Soca Sessions plays early Saturday mornings (or late Friday nights) from 2:00-4:00. Download hours of soca at the bottom of this page!



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