BFPE hosts If You Got Ears February 2018

Behaviour Function Person Environment BFPE is Amanda Harvey & Andrew Gray

The February edition of If You Got Ears, will focus on a cultural cross-section of music, whether geographically, historically or politically, ranging from raves to clubs to bedroom circuit benders/knob twiddlers. Locating an iconic song within a community, we’ll work from this center point to build genealogy of the social and cultural history surrounding the track, looking at the ways in which the frequencies of electronic music can unite us in a tonal consciousness.

“Electronic circuitry confers a mythic dimension on our ordinary individual and group actions” [McLuhan]

Behaviour Function Person Environment If You’ve Got Ears Andrew Gray + Amanda Harvey

Each week BfPE will thematically explore the textures and genealogies of electronic and dance music. Focusing on an acousmatic approach to track selection, in place of genre, BfPE asks that you abandon your assumptions, to listen carefully, and create your own associations.

Week 1 - Models for Repetition: Nature and Synthesis

Week 2 - Cold + Minimal

Week 3 - Hot + Tropical

Week 4 - Consumerism and Neo New Age