Off The Hour / Nov. 3, 5-6pm / 8 billion litres of raw sewage into the St-Lawrence river: Mohawk community reacts !

Featured on today’s program :

  • we’ll hear from Akohserake Deer, a Mohawk woman from Kawhnawake, who is protesting the city of Montreal’s plan to dump 8 billion litres of raw sewage into the St-Lawrence river. Yesterday, the Federal government forced a delay on the plan for another week, while so-called experts analyze what the impacts might be…

  • On Thursday October 29, hundreds of people attended a vigil at Place des Arts in light of recent allegations of abuse against aboriginal women in Val d’Or by SQ police officers. Organized by the Quebec branch of Idle No More, Representatives from Amnesty International, the Quebec Native Women’s Centre and others demanded equal justice for aboriginal women, and leadership from the federal and provincial governments.

  • he latest edition of Unfit to Print, produced in collaboration with the |McGill Daily]( We’ll be hearing from Talia Gruber and Cadence O’Neal who were part of the organizing team for a panel discussion entitled Mood Lighting: Illuminating Consent in Rez which was aimed to answer questions about consent in rez and add to the Rez Project workshops, which students in Mcgill Residences attended. Then we’ll hear from Raphael Frigon and Kira Shepherd, who will be giving us a preview of QPIRG AND SMMU’S Culture Shock week, an event series on anti-racism, migrant justice and indigenous solidarity, which will be starting this Thursday November the 5th.

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