Le Ren Interview and Studio Performance

Lauren Spear, otherwise known as Le Ren, is a local Montreal musician and singer-songwriter, and she just released her double EP Songs I Outta Hear/Songs I Outta Sing. The former reads as an apology letter from a former partner, and the latter takes her perspective as she processes through loss. The music invokes the vintage country sounds of Loretta Lynn, but also repackages it for a modern context.

Le Ren stopped by our Tuesday Morning Show to chat with us about building a more inclusive country community in Montreal, why Bring it On was such a groundbreaking film, and performed some new songs from her EP.

See the video for I DID U WRONG below, and to check it her other tracks, head to Le Rens Website to purchase her EP, which comes with a lyrics book.

-Scott Erik
CKUT Arts & Culture Dept.