Special Programming and Gifts for Off the Hour During the Funding Drive!

Tune in to CKUT’s Off the Hour and En Profondeur every weekday 5-6pm of the funding drive and DONATE to support independent, grassroots radio news in Montreal!

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Special guests on Off the Hour during the funding drive include:

** Naomi Klein, author of This Changes Everything

** Avi Lewis, director of the film This Changes Everything

** Ursula K Leguin, legendary author, poet, and thinker

** Jesse Brown, host of the CANADALAND podcast

** Tali Taliwah of Nomadic Massive

** Tshizimba, afro-futurist hip-hop!

** PARALIX, noisy experimental punk newscast!

** Franklin López of subMedia.tv

And for everyone who donates, we’re giving away some great gifts and prizes! Here are some special gifts we’re giving away to donors during Off the Hour/En Profondeur!

For donations of $25 or more

** A beautiful 2016 Certain Days calendar

** An annual subscription to Briarpatch Magazine

For donations of $35 or more

Books! Books Books!