Tristan Giardini hosts If You Got Ears December 2016

Tristan Giardini aka Triz aka Lux Pogo aka Rollrgrrl aka Thurible aka Champagne Pogo aka 1/2 Rivalled Envy aka 1/4 Ursula and Ugly Cry and 1/5 Cheap Wig and Grosser, is a musician that wears many hats to cover up their ugly haircuts. They are a Virgo enthusiast that involves themselves in too many projects, and whom love rare sounds in familiar contexts. “Luxury Pogo” will explore the eclectic range of noises that attracts them to sound art and song, as well as the grit and warmth of different mediums that these sounds are recorded into. From crisp and clean pieces to crust and camp tracks, this show will explore a variety of both unpopular and popular music.

Tune in every Wednesday in December noon-2pm. Or catch it on the archives here