FEBRUARY 14TH, 17-19h: Special Live Broadcast from Memorial March for Missing and Murdered Women

The CKUT News Collective and the Blue Print Radio Project invite you to tune in for Off the Hour and Native Solidarity News tomorrow for a special broadcast on the systemic violence facing Indigenous women in Canada.

Tune in for a special 2 hour broadcast from 5-7 PM on Tuesday, February 14th dedicated to sharing the realities faced by Indigenous women who have lost loved ones and highlighting the reslience and strength of initiatives to counter this gender based violence.

Interviewees include Bridget Tolley and Sue Martin of Families of Sisters in Spirit, Michele Audette of Quebec Native Women and Gladys Radek of Walk 4 Justice.

At 5:30 PM we will broadcast LIVE from the 3rd Annual March for Missing and Murdered Women at Cabot Square. Tune in for the voices of Missing Justice and the Girls Action Foundation, as well as live performances and updates from march-ers.

Listen online www.ckut.ca, on the dial at 90.3 fm or JOIN US at Cabot Square (St Catherine and Atwater, Montreal) at 5:30 PM

Visit Missing Justice for more information.