June If You Got Ears will Be 'c a l m' by ssurfacing

Charlotte Loseth is a Montreal based artist exploring sensitive and lush sonic expressions. Originally from Saskatchewan, Charlotte has released three highly regarded albums as Sea Oleena, most recently ‘Shallow’ on Lefse records. Working under a new alias dubbed ssurfacing, this outlet offers an ambient/curatorial perspective, conveying a sense of clairvoyance that is intrinsic with Charlotte’s art. For the month of June, ssurfacing presents ‘c a l m’ on If You Got Ears (Wednesdays 12-2pm), which will be a veritable relaxation station, featuring field recordings, live improvisations from brother Luke Loseth of Holobody and dream-readers. Get ready for some mid-day meditation, Montreal~

Artist Statement

i like to think we are always being provided for toward growth. while this provision is not always obvious or easy to see, i like to think that seeing it is something that can be trained; that we can train our minds to notice the subtleties in each experience we are presented with, the way we train our hands to fold a piece of paper into a swan. like the paper swan, an object just as easily discarded as cherished, so too become these noticed subtleties of experience. i like to think that out of this noticing comes a clarity, and out of this clarity comes a calm.

image by Chris Honewell