Labour Radio / Aug. 20, 5-6pm / Overhaul of Quebec's Tax System

Join us for Labour Radio, every 3rd Thursday of the month from 5-6pm, for discussions on the labour movement & anti-poverty struggles at home and abroad.

Today on Labour Radio we will be looking at the fall-out from the Quebec government’s recent cutbacks to the welfare system. The Quebec Government also plans to overhaul the Quebec tax system and we will be speaking with Kim de Baene of the Coalition opposed to the tarification and privatisation of public services about the potential impact on people on low and fixed incomes. Noe Arteaga will join us in studio to speak about the right of agricultural workers in Quebec and his own struggles with les Serres du St Laurent Inc, the company that produces SAVOURA tomatoes. We will also be discussing the recent gains made by the campaign to raise the minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour in the United States.

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