Support the Native Friendship Centre & Inter-Tribal Youth Centre

Funding for the Native Friendship Centre of Montreal and the Inter-tribal Youth Centre has been revoked.

Radio CKUT has partnered with the Native Friendship Centre of Montreal on a number of projects, including the Homelessness Marathon, Aboriginal Celebrations Day, concerts, radio training and radio programming with the Inter-Tribal Youth Centre, Anti-Colonial Thanksgiving, and many more. CKUT believes that the NFCM and the ITYC are of crucial importance to the urban Aboriginal community in Montreal and is deeply concerned at this loss of funding.

Native Solidarity News addresses the importance of the Inter-Tribal Youth Centre here!

For more information, read the APTN’s coverage of the issue.

Make a difference! Here are some ways you can show your support for the NFCM and ITYC.

There will be a Day of Action Planning and Mobilization on April 5th, 2012 from 6 to 9PM at the Native Friendship Centre (St. Laurent, corner Ontario. Metro St. Laurent).

Radio CKUT’s Letter of Support

To Whom This May Concern:

Radio CKUT is a non-profit, campus-community radio station based out of McGill University. CKUT’s mandate is to provide an essential educational and information service to those in the Montreal community whose needs are not met by mainstream commercial radio. CKUT functions as a viable community resource, as does the Native Friendship Centre Montreal (NFCM).

CKUT is deeply concerned to hear that the NFCM’s funding has been revoked, that the centre may be forced to close its doors in three months time, and that the Inter-Tribal Youth Centre (ITYC) will be closed as of April 1st. CKUT believes that the NFCM and the ITYC are of crucial importance to the urban Aboriginal community in Montreal. The NFCM serves as a public space in which Aboriginal peoples can access essential resources and gather in order to connect with other Aboriginal organizations, centres, education, day cares, and services that are offered in the city of Montreal.

The NFCM is an important place for Montreal-based community groups to make links to the urban Aboriginal community to foster understanding, and cultural and linguistic sharing. Through the NFCM, CKUT has been able to build a strong relationship with the Native community in Montreal.

As a media organization with a strong focus on cultural programming, CKUT has partnered with both the NFCM and the ITYC on numerous crucial projects. We have collaborated with these organizations for a lot of our special programming and broadcasts, including the Homelessness Marathon, Aboriginal Day celebrations (which highlight Native artists, musicians and community members), Native Solidarity News, as well as, concerts, radio training and radio programming with the Inter-Tribal Youth Centre. Additionally, CKUT has worked with the ITYC and the 2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy to find participants and organize events for a two year project funded by the Status of Women Canada on the subject of gender and radio-making.

It is evident to everyone at CKUT that the loss of the NFCM and ITYC to the Montreal Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities would negatively affect thousands of individuals and many Montreal-based organizations.

CKUT hopes to be able to continue many more years of collaborating with the NFCM and ITYC on important and well-attended cultural events and programming.

Finally, we strongly urge the Regroupement des centres d’amitié autochthones du Québec (RCAAQ) to reconsider the cuts to the Native Friendship Centre Montreal and the Inter-Tribal Youth Centre.

The NFCM and ITYC are not individual organizations, but key components of a large network of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal community organizations and centres. As a city and a community, as people deeply invested in creating unique and empowering cultural and community news-based programming and dialogue, we cannot afford to lose such a valuable space and resource.


Radio CKUT 90.3FM Board of Directors Radio CKUT 90.3FM Steering Committee

*Note: CKUT has recently learned that the ITYC staying open. Details are currently being worked out. We will keep you updated on any developments.