CKUT-FM 90.3FM needs a majority YES vote in our upcoming existence referendum in order to continue our presence on the FM dial.

Vote YES from Monday March 7 to Monday March 21 at

We provide students with essential resources and training in radio broadcasting, production, and podcasting as well as employment opportunities, a publicizing tool for student research, and a variety of community events on campus!

Keep CKUT alive! Vote yes!

CKUT needs the student body to reaffirm its belief in the importance of CKUT 90.3FM as a viable student service by voting yes in the upcoming existence referendum! Since the birth of CKUT as a licensed FM radio station in 1987, McGill students have been vital in all facets of the radio station. Students are involved in radio production, programming, sitting on the CKUT board of directors, and participating in collective management. Many students found their niche at CKUT, launching careers in a variety of creative and media-based fields.

If you are interested in joining a team of volunteers helping out with the campaign for the 2022 referendum campaign, feel free to email for more information.

What is this referendum about?

This referendum question asks students to maintain CKUT Radio’s opt-out able fee levy. The fee levy came into existence in 1988. In 2007, McGill University mandated that all student fees must have an expiration date and be reaffirmed every five years. The fee levy currently represents a large portion of our funding, without which CKUT could not maintain its current services and operations.

CKUT has an M.O.A with McGill University that makes our funding temporary, along with the lease on our building at 3647 University. This agreement between CKUT and the McGill administration expires every five years. When the five years are up, CKUT is required to conduct a referendum to poll students and ensure they want to continue supporting CKUT through an opt-outable fee levy. We need a majority ‘YES’ vote to continue receiving student fees that fund the station.

What is CKUT?

CKUT is a non-profit, campus-community radio station based at McGill University.

Radio first came to McGill’s campus by way of ‘The Radio Association’ in 1921. That evolved into a club called Radio McGill in the 1940s, becoming immensely popular in the 1960s. When a group of students pushed to get an FM radio license in 1987, CKUT 90.3 FM was born. The student fee was put in place after a successful referendum in 1988, and with the newfound funding, CKUT was able to flourish and grow into the cultural and creative hub that exists today.

CKUT provides alternative music, news, and culture programming to the city of Montreal and its surrounding areas 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are made up of over 300 volunteers (more than half of whom are McGill students) who work with a staff of coordinators to make creative and insightful radio programming and manage the station’s operations. The station functions on a collective, non-hierarchical management system that includes volunteers in all its decision-making processes.

Students are involved in all aspects of CKUT: they program shows, organize events, produce documentaries, conduct interviews, sit on committees, fundraise, manage the music library, and make CKUT what it is. They are involved in all of our governing structures such as the Board of Directors, Collective Management Committee, Programming Committee, and all of the policy-making and strategic planning committees. The station wouldn’t exist without the vital energy and creativity of McGill’s student community.

What do I get out of my fee to CKUT? What resources does CKUT provide for students?

Students have access to countless benefits through CKUT! We provide students with access to the largest alternative music archive in Montreal, grassroots audio journalism training (ex. interview skills, writing for radio, documentary filmmaking, mixing, live sound engineering), audio equipment, and employment opportunities through both work-study and permanent positions. Most recently, we have been working on a student podcast project, producing podcasts focused on academic research and other creative ideas distributed via leading platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, and more. Last but not least, members get bragging rights to CKUT’s title of Montreal’s #1 radio station, as voted by the Cult MTL Best of Montreal Reader’s Poll!

I never use any of the services provided by CKUT, so why should I vote yes?

With the absence of a journalism school at McGill, CKUT provides students with the opportunity to gain media skills on campus. CKUT is a crucial part of the McGill experience for a large number of students. For a modest opt-outable fee, you can enhance what you learn in the classroom by meeting and collaborating with our talented and diverse roster of CKUT volunteers and staff. CKUT is a gateway to discovering culture, music scenes, and emerging artists in Montreal. A university campus should have a multitude of lively activities that speak to a diverse range of student interests and concerns. Although a single student couldn’t possibly partake in all of these opportunities, we provide all of the options! Remember, a vote NO is a vote no on behalf of everyone. Even if you vote YES, you can later opt-out yourself. Even if you personally don’t plan on using our services, we hope you’ll affirm the right of other students to do so.

What happens if the majority of students vote no?

Student fees constitute a significant portion of our funding. Losing this referendum would result in a large cut to our current level of service and programming for McGill students. CKUT is licensed as a campus-community radio station. If we lose the existence referendum we no longer hold an association with the university; therefore, we would no longer fulfil the condition of our license. The 90.3FM frequency would become available and open to applicants.

Why should I vote yes?

CKUT provides students with audio training opportunities, podcast distribution, equipment access, grassroots journalism, live music and events, employment positions, and student-based media, not to panel discussions, workshops, and more. We are committed to bridging the gap between students and the Montreal community, both through our programming as well as through our dedicated outreach, fostering unity between a diversity of groups. CKUT is one of the only groups on campus dedicated to bringing together McGill students and the Montreal community to achieve common goals. We provide a link to communities that are inaccessible or unknown to students, uniting the greater community together through our partnerships with Montreal-based community organizations such as The Native Friendship Centre, Dans la Rue, Head and Hands, and Project Genesis.

Vote YES for the organization that goes beyond the classroom to grassroots journalism.

Vote YES for the organization that offers vocational training for a modest opt-outable fee.

Vote YES for the organization that has supported students’ creativity and extracurricular growth for over 30 years.

Vote YES because McGill students deserve a diverse and vibrant campus life!

Vote YES for CKUT!

The question on the ballot reads:

“Do you support CKUT continuing as a recognized student activity supported by student fees with the understanding that a majority “no” vote will result in the termination of [undergraduate] [graduate] student fees to CKUT?”

Whereas Clauses

WHEREAS McGill University has had a radio station since 1966, which received a license from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to broadcast on the FM dial at 90.3FM in 1987.

WHEREAS CKUT provides unique programming 24/7 on the FM dial and on the web at, produced by community and student members of CKUT.

WHEREAS CKUT has consistently been voted the #1 radio station in consecutive Cult Montreal’s Best Of Montreal polls.

WHEREAS CKUT provides McGill students with news, music and arts & culture programming, radio training, podcast production, journalism experience, internships, employment, with many student members going on to successful careers in journalism;

WHEREAS CKUT employs McGill students and has student representation on its Board of Directors, Steering and Programming Committees and provides internships and research opportunities for student members related to their academic fields;

WHEREAS CKUT provides a publishing and distribution platform for McGill student research by making research thesis available to local and international audiences through various media: research podcasts, on-air programming, social media, and other channels.

WHEREAS CKUT works within the Montreal community, sponsoring various cultural events, festivals and promoting emerging artists and grassroots initiatives, providing an important link between the McGill University campus and the Montreal community at large.

WHEREAS CKUT collects an opt-outable fee ($3.00 for part-time students, $5.00 for full-time students) that allows the station to produce 24/7 programming, provide training for students, purchase audio equipment and software, and keep its facilities and broadcast running.

WHEREAS the majority no vote will result in a significant cut to CKUT’s operating budget and consequently make its services to students and its existence on the FM dial impossible.

WHEREAS any student may opt-out of CKUT’s fees should they choose to not support the station in any given semester.