Off The Hour / Dec 16, 5-6pm / International Day Against Violence Against Sex Workers

Today, on the program :

  • Tomorrow is the International Day Against Violence Against Sex Workers, and Montrealers will once again take to the street for another Red Umbrella march.

  • The Liberal government of Justin Trudeau announced last week that it would launch an inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous women. This comes after years of campaigning led by Indigenous families demanding answers. To look into the campaign and the inquiry, we’ll hear an edition of Canadaland Commons, where 3 family members speak out.

  • In the wake of the attacks in Paris last month, the French government vowed to escalate surveillance of Muslims. Paul Gottinger says we need move beyond what he calls the hysteria of vengeance. We’ll hear a piece on the issue produced by Vancouver Coop’s Red Eye Radio.

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