Suoni Per Il Popolo Deconstructed on Montreal Sessions June 2018

The 18th edition of Suoni Per Il Popolo offers an eclectic mix of free jazz, noise, punk , hip hop, new music, spoken word, musique actuelle, avant rock, out world, sound art, weird folk, a rock opera - workshops, musical seances and so much more. Every Tuesday throughout the month of June from 3- 5pm tune into the Montreal Sessions, hosted by a Suoni insider, to hear a sampling of all the goings on. Interviews, live performances, story telling about the performers, secret shows and everything you need to know to guide you through this years festival. Tune in or catch it on the archives.

Week One Burns & Moskos host, telling stories and playing tunes. Tune in to hear some Suoni Stories

Week Two Stefan Christoff hosts. Interviews with Kieva Stimac about the Charlie Stimac Foundation also interview with Elise Barbara about the Chemistry Ball