T-Dizzle's Wacky World all through January on the Montreal Sessions

Tara Desmond is well-known around these parts. Not only is she a kickass multi-instrumentalist (The Submissives, Drainolith, the Pink Noise(, etc etc), she’s also one of Montreal’s trippiest visual artists and an avid booker/supporter of live music in our fair city. Plus, she’s got one of the most eclectic record collections out there. Needless to say, we’re beyond thrilled to welcome her (under the Original T Dizzle moniker) into the studio for January’s edition of the Montreal Sessions every Tuesday from 3-5pm. Open your ears to T Dizzle’s Wacky World and soak in everything from kitschy thrift shop tapes to underground New Zealand pop to local punk jams. Hold on tight, yer in for a wild ride!