Your Radio's On (But Nobody's Home)

CKUT’s studios, music library, offices, and equipment will be closed/unavailable until further notice to reduce the spread of COVID-19 to our at-risk members. In the meantime, we will be operating remotely and will air a mix of original pre-recorded programming from our regular programmers, recent archives, and other relevant special programming.    

Current CKUT Programmers: please email your programming coordinator (Arts & Culture, News, or Music respectively) ASAP to confirm your plans for your show (at least 24 hours in advance beginning March 16th, 6 pm EST).

If you would like to arrange for the broadcast of a pre-recorded program, please send your file (saved as an .mp3 at 128 kbps) to your programming coordinator 24 hours in advance.

Programming Coordinator emails:  

Arts & Culture -  

News -

Music -

While the COVID-19 pandemic is and will continue to be a reality that affects our loved ones and members of our communities, CKUT’s Staff and Steering committee opposes the xenophobia and racism that has been directed at East-Asian communities in the wake of the pandemic. We instead encourage respectful social distancing, as well as safe and informed forms of mutual aid for those impacted within our communities.

As an alternative media outlet, we will continue to provide a platform for communities that have been misrepresented or underrepresented in the mainstream media during this global crisis, as per our mandate.