Off the Hour / Aug 29, 5-6pm / Woman Faces Deportation After 20 Years in Canada

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Featured on today’s program: -We’ll be joined in studio by the son of J, a woman who has been in Canada for 20 years, obtained permanent residency, but despite that is still facing deportation under what is known as “double punishment”. We’ll find out more.

-We’ll get an update on the Khalifa family, who came to Canada from Egypt 8 years ago, but are facing a deportation order today for them and their 2 Canadian-born daughters.

-We’ll also hear from Deepan Budlakoti, a Canadian-born man from Ottawa facing deportation to India. We’ll get an update on his case, and hear about the latest hack of the Ice Bucket Challenge.

-All that, plus more voices and views from last week’s historic People’s Social Forum in Ottawa.

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