Labour Radio / September 18, 5-6pm / The Minimum Wage Hole

Tune in to Labour Radio during Off the Hour today, 5-6pm! News and views on the labour movement, and all of us fighting poverty from here to eternity.

According to Statistics Canada, the minimum wage has increased by a penny….since 1975. We’ll be airing interviews by minimum wage workers and discussing what it means to be precariously employed in Quebec today. We will also be discussing the Temporary Foreign Workers Program and broadcasting a talk by Harsha Walia on labour, immigration and decolonization. Kim de Baene of the Coalition Against the Privatisation of Public Services will be with us to speak about how the Quebec Government could find ten billion dollars by taxing corporations and the wealthy in order to reduce the growing gap between rich and poor. And what about bill C-36 and how will it impact the safety of sex workers in Canada? Find out by tuning into Labour Radio today.

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