Labour Radio / Oct 16, 5-6pm / Raging Grannies Against Poverty!

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This week on Labour Radio we have a very special show planned for you as it is the day before the International Day to Eliminate Poverty.

The Raging Grannies will be with us in studio for an interview and sing along.

You are cordially invited to tune in today at 5pm and JOIN OUR SING A LONG!

All together now, to the tune of La Cucaracha.

Those bloody cutbacks, those bloody cutbacks, now they’re hitting right and left, first it’s our welfare, then it’s our health care, no one knows what going next!

Those bloody cutbacks, those bloody cutbacks, it’s as though we’re in a war First it was Charest, then it was Maltais, And now Couillard’s cutting more!

They’re closing clinics, they’re shutting bed space I am really getting sore, They saw you open and sew you up fast, Then they roll you to the door.

Those cucarachas, the politicians they are looking quite well fed, they’ve got their limos, they’ve got their pensions and for us there’s no more bread.

I’m gonna protest, I’m gonna be heard, I will not just simply fall. They’ve got to listen to what we tell them Or we’ll PRIVATIZE them all!

In the last half of the show we will be interviewing Citizens for Public Justice and Canada Without Poverty on the national campaign Dignity for All.

For more information, or to get involved, email

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