Off the Hour / Nov. 4, 5-6pm / Culture Shock at McGill

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Featured on today’s program:

-We bring you the latest edition of Unfit to Print, a biweekly news round-up produced by the McGill Daily.

-Then, we’ll get a sneak-peak at this year’s Culture Shock festival, which gets underway tomorrow at McGill. Culture Shock is an annual event series dedicated to exploring the myths surrounding immigrants, refugees, indigenous people and communities of colour. QPIRG-McGill’s Kira Paige will join us in studio to discuss what is in store.

-Finally, we’ll hear an interview with Julia Peek of the group Divest Invest, recorded at the recent People’s Climate March in New York City. Divest Invest encourages individuals and insitutions to divest from fossil fuels and invest in climate solutions.

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