Off the Hour / Nov. 5, 5-6pm / Journalists for Human Rights on Hong Kong

(Photo: Pasu Au Yeung via Flickr/Creative Commons)

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Featured on today’s show:

-It’s been over a month since the Hong Kong protests began as the Hong Kong people called for democratic freedoms. It has drawn international attention due to the violent responses of Chinese police. On October 1st, a group of McGill students mobilized and organized a visibility event within the gates of the university. This mini documentary includes interviews with two of the organizers: Elliot Tan, studying Environmental Studies, and Ailisha Macharia, studying International Development Studies. Produced by Journalists for Human Rights at McGill.

-In the past week, thousands of women have shared their experiences of rape on Twitter. The hashtag #BeenRapedNeverReported says it all. We’ll hear a piece produced by Red Eye Radio from CFRO in Vancouver, with Ariana Barer, on why it’s still so hard to report rape.

-An interview with MacDonald Stainsby, a researcher and activist that has focused a lot on both historical and contemporary environmental injustices linked to the corporate oil sands in Alberta. This interview explores the legacy of support toward the tar sands seen under previous Liberals governments and the ways in which the tar sands project is fundamentally linked to the contemporary colonial identity of Canada. Produced by Stefan Christoff for Free City Radio.

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