Live Panel - Beyond Jian: Confronting Rape Culture (Friday Nov. 7, 5-6pm)

(Artist: Favianna Rodriguez)

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Beyond Jian: Confronting Rape Culture

As Canada and the world react to the Jian Ghomeshi sexual assault scandal, CKUT’s Off the Hour looks deeper at the issue, beyond celebrity culture, beyond the stigma against survivors, and beyond Jian. Powerful feminist voices speaking out online, in the streets, and in our communities.

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-Sue Montgomery: Justice reporter for the Montreal Gazette, and co-creator of the viral hashtag #BeenRapedNeverReported

-Anne Thériault: Toronto-based feminist blogger

-Tessa Liem of the Concordia Centre for Gender Advocacy

-Andrea Zanin: self-described sex geek and BDSM educator

Some of the topics this panel will explore include: feminist social media activism, rape culture and the stigmatization of survivors, patriarchy and systemic gender oppression, and much more.

Hosted by: Una Jefferson, Camille Baker, and Hailey Mackinnon.

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