Off the Hour / Nov. 18, 5-6pm / Fighting for Dignity from Bangladesh to Ferguson

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Featured on today’s program:

-Over two years since a preventable fire killed 112 garment workers in Bangladesh, factory workers continue to organize and fight for improved working conditions. Beyond the media headlines, which have largely dropped this story, is the reality of ongoing worker strikes, protests and political pressure aiming for workplace justice. We’ll hear an interview with Al Jazeera’s Bangladesh correspondent Maher Sattar, produced by CKUT’s Stefan Christoff.

-Then, we turn our attention back to Ferguson, Missouri, where the state governor recently declared a state of emergency in advance of the grand jury’s pending decision in the Michael Brown shooting case. We’ll go to coverage from Democracy Now.

-Finally, we bring you the latest edition of Unfit to Print, your bi-weekly round-up of news from the McGill campus, brought to you by the McGill Daily. We’ll hear headlines, plus a round-table discussion with various environmental groups on campus.

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