Off the Hour / Dec. 2, 5-6pm / Protestors celebrate victory against oil company Kinder Morgan

(Photo: Mario Bartel, Burnaby News Leader)

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Featured on today’s program:

-We go to Burnaby, British Columbia, where last Thursday, Judge Austin Cullen turned down oil company Kinder Morgan’s application to extend its injunction and threw out contempt charges against more than 100 people arrested at the drill site. Prior to that, thousands of people had occupied a site on Burnaby Mountain, just outside of Vancouver, where Kinder Morgan wants to build a pipeline to carry Tar Sands oil. Valerie Langer of Forest Ethics has been up on Burnaby Mountain all week. She speaks with Redeye radio host Jane Williams at CFRO Vancouver about the events of the past few days and the plans for celebration.

-Protests continued across the US over the refusal of a Missouri Grand Jury to indict white police officer Darren Wilson who shot and killed unarmed teenager Michael Brown. Thousands participated and freeways were shut down, bridges blocked, shopping malls invaded and more.

In response, President Obama says he wants to avoid militarized police culture and announced a three year $263 million dollar spending package to increase the use of body-worn cameras by police and for police department reform. And US Attorney General Eric Holder says he will soon be announcing guidance to Federal law enforcement and related agencies to reduce racial profiling.

The city with the highest number of arrests in the wake of the Ferguson decision is Los Angeles despite the efforts of so-named community leaders who met in the weeks leading up to the Ferguson decision with law enforcement officials on how to control protests. Close to 300 protesters have been arrested in LA. Our guests in studio are Patrice Cullors and Damon Turner of BlackLivesMatter Los Angeles. This piece was produced by Sojourner Truth Radio for the Pacifica Radio Network.

-Then, we’ll also hear from Ferguson community organizer Ashley Yates of Millenial Activists United, interviewed on Democracy Now this morning.

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