Off the Hour / Dec. 5, 5-6pm / Montreal Marks 25 years since the Polytechnique massacre

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Feautred on today’s program:

-CKUT’s Sula Greene spoke with Karla Lottini from No One Is Illegal Vancouver about a new petition on demanding that the Canadian government remove Mexico from its list of delegated safe countries. They spoke about the Canada’s economic and political interests in maintaining good relations with its NAFTA partner and the human rights crisis that continues to unfold in Mexico.

-We look at the struggle for affordable social housing in the south-west of Montreal, and across Quebec. We’ll hear from Fred Burrill of the tenants’ rights group POPIR about the fight for 4000 new social housing units in the city’s south-west.

-Then, we bring you Street Beat. Street Beat is a monthly segment produced in collaboration with street youth at the Chez Pops drop-in centre.

-And finally, tomorrow, December 6th, marks the 25th anniversary of the Montreal massacre. On December 6th, 1989, Marc Lepine walked into the École Polytechnique and shot 14 women dead before taking his own life. He blamed feminists for his life problems. We’ll hear part of a radio documentary on the Montreal massacre, produced by CKUT’s Aaron Lakoff.