Pirate Bloc Radio on CKUT!!!

Eastern Bloc and CKUT are teaming up for a novel radio project, dedicated to emerging artistic practices, with special attention to those occurring on the Montreal digital arts scene. The first edition will take place on March 5th at 8:00PM with two invited artists: Alejo Duque, the project’s main source of inspiration, and Audrey Samson, currently artist-in-residence at Eastern Bloc.

PirateBlockRadio was the object of Duque’s residency in the Eastern Bloc Lab in 2014. Setting up a station functioning as an open channel or laboratory, he transformed free radio waves into a site of experimentation. Duque, operating out of the Lab, would pair a local FM radio transmitter with an Internet-based station and encourage their open interaction and dissemination. The pirate radio station served to examine the conditions and structures of radio technology and corporate telecommunications and proposes a set of concrete ways to hack these structures. The station engaged with all types of programming—artistic, political, theoretical, etc.—in the hopes of inciting dialogue and critique within the local and international digital art community.

In their residency project, Audrey Samson orchestrates a funeral for digital footprints and identities. Samson collects USB keys and other storage devices and, by request, coats them in epoxy, forever sealing them. In a previous manifestation of the project, she received the material, embalmed them, and returned them to the sender. The participants could then preserve their symbolic funeral object. The collected storage devices will form an installation.