OFF THE HOUR / APR. 22TH, 5-6PM / Gender-Based Violence in Myanmar

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Featured on today’s show:

Today on the program, we bring you a brand new doc from CKUT’s very own Portia Larlee who is based in Yangon, Myanmar. Poria probes deeply into what people say, think, and do about Gender Based Violence in a country that has a mythology of equality and a reality of subordination.

Then, with University classes ending and student strikes winding down, many are wondering what’s next for the anti-austerity movement. CKUT volunteer Celia Robinovitch caught up with Comite Printemps 2015 organizer Brice Dansereau-Olivier to reflect on the recent anti-austerity action and discuss where the movement is headed.

Finnaly, we bring you our weekly segment, Avalanche extra, looking at disability issues, and all the ways we fight back.

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