Off The Hour / Sept.4, 5-6 pm / Line 9 Pipeline Work Disrupted In Port Hope

(Photo Credit: Rising Tide Toronto)

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Featured on today’s program:

  • On Wednesday, work was disrupted on the contraversial tar sands Line 9 pipeline in Port Hope, Ontario by groups like Rising Tide Toronto. Enbridge’s Line 9, which seeks to bring toxic tar sands bitumen from Alberta, through Montreal, and towards the east coast for export. We’ll speak with Sarah Scalon, one of the protestors involved in the action.

  • As the so-called refugee crisis worses in Europe, we’ll go to Hungary, where we spoke with a local activist providing support to refugees trapped at the Budapest train station. This is an interview with Zsuzsanna Zsohár of the organization Migration Aid. To find out how to support their solidarity efforts on the ground in Hungary, visit

  • The humanitarian crisis unfolding across Europe deepens as record numbers of refugees continue to arrive by land and sea, fleeing violence and poverty in the war-torn Middle East, North Africa and humanitarian crises elsewhere.The depth of desperation is increasingly evident in images and videos revealing horrific scenes playing out from beaches in Turkey to train tracks in Hungary. European leaders are struggling to craft a unified response over the crisis that is threatening the 28-nation bloc’s open borders policy. Free Speech Radio News’s Jacob Resneck reports from Brussels.

  • As kids go back to school this week, migrant justice activists held a creative action outside city hall today to draw attention to the case of Daniel, an undocumented youth, who was arrested by the SPVM at a Montreal high school and deported alone to Mexico. Since October 2014, the minor, who is partially deaf, has been living in total insecurity in Mexico City. Members of Solidarity Across Borders were demanding that Denis Codere put pressure on higher levels of government to Bring Daniel home, as well as to prevent further police actions in public schools. CKUT’s Pauline Ferrari was outside City Hall this morning to bring us this report.

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