CKUT Homelessness Marathon Feb 20, 5pm - Feb 21, 7am

THE 2013 MARATHON went down this past Wednesday and Thursday.

The eleventh annual Homelessness Marathon this year served up 21 hours of people-powered radio, broadcasting this year from multiple cities across Canada and hosted by 12 stations. With the goal of being a consciousness-raising event, the Marathon will provide an opportunity for homeless people and their allies to take to the airwaves, and allow a nationwide discussion on homelessness issues and possible solutions.

Check out the archives from the National Broadcast, local archives to come:

Hour/Heure 1 (5-6pm) CKUT- Introduction; Decolonization: Indigenous Land Struggles; Land exploitation: another form of homelessness

Hour/Heure 2 (6-7pm) CKDU- Halifax Hosts/ Animé par la radio CKDU à Halifax (EN)

Hour/Heure 3 (7-8pm) CJSR- Edmonton Hosts/ Animé par la radio CJSR à Edmonton (EN)

Hour/Heure 4 (8-9pm) Waterloo- CKMS/ Hamilton- CFMU Host/ Animé par la radio CKMS à Waterloo et CFMU à Hamilton (EN)

Hour/Heure 5 (9-10pm) Toronto- CHRY & Ontario Coalition Against Poverty Host/ Animé par la radio CHRY & OCAP à Toronto

Hour/Heure 6 (10-11pm) Thunder Bay- CILU/ Windsor- CJAM Host/ Animé par la radio CILU à Thunder Bay, ON & CJAM à Windsor, ON (EN)

Hour/Heure 7 (11pm – 12am) CFUR- Prince George BC Host and CICK- Smithers BC/ CFUR à Prince George, BC et Animé par la radio CICK à Smither (EN)

Hour/Heure 8 (12am-1am) Open mic! 1-866-594-7729 (EN, FR)]

Hour/Heure 9 (1am-2am) Coop Radio Vancouver and CKUT Montreal Host/ Animé par la radio Coop Radio à Vancouver, BC et CKUT à Montréal, QC (EN)] Violence Against Indigenous women; From Vancouver to Quebec and beyond: This issue is national. This issue is systemic. Speak OUT.

Hour/Heure 10 (2-3am) CJSF Vancouver hosts/ Animé par CJSF à Vancouver (EN)]

Hour 11/Heure (3 – 4am) CJSF Vancouver hosts/ Animé par CJSF à Vancouver (EN)]

Hour 12/Heure (4-5am) CKUT Montreal Hosts/ Animé par CKUT à Montréal] Drug Users Rights: Shelter Access, Safe Injection/

Hour 13/Heure (5-6am) CKUT Montreal Hosts/ Animé par CKUT à Montréal] Criminalization of poverty & the legal system/ Criminalisation de la pauvreté & le systeme légale (en francais)

Hour 14/Heure (6-7am) CKUT- Monteal Hosté / Animé par CKUT à Montréal] Solidarity City: Building networks for undocumented migrants, Solidarity across borders- Conclusion

For any and all information on the Homelessness Marathon go here: Homelessness Marathon website!!!

Poster credit to the lovely, magnificent and talented Jesse Orr.

Contact: Candice Cascanette, Coordinator of the 11th annual canadian homelessness marathon// Coordonnatrice du 11e marathon canadien des sans-abri: or 514-448-4041 ext. 6788