Off the Hour: May Day Special Podcast

Off the Hour, celebrated International Worker’s Day with a panel on labour issues. Listen here.

May Day programming is dedicated to all those who work, to all those who can’t work, to all those who don’t work, to all those who work and don’t get paid, to all those who work and are paid too little, to those who wish they could work a little less, and those who wish they could work a little more, to those who pretend to work, and for those whose work is invisible. Happy May Day workers.

Panelists include:

Jean Lalonde, coordinater of the Welfare Rights Committee of South-West Montreal, which works for the personal and collective empowerment of people living in poverty, through education, active involvement, mobilisation and organizing.

Mostafa Henaway, Montreal’s Immigrant Worker’s Center, defending the rights of immigrants in their workplaces and fights for dignity, respect, and justice.

Emma Smith, member of Convergence des luttes anticapitalistes (CLAC), which is holding a rally today in front of City Hall for an anti-capitalist May Day.

Derek Blackadder, a National Rep of Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPW) and the Senior Correspondent in Canada for LabourStart, the global union news and campaigns website and the Webwork columnist for Our Times, Canada’s independent labour magazine.

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