IF You Got Ears - September 2013 Edition

sometimes it’s hard to talk about certain things. like how you have days, those days…you know those days that you don’t want to talk about out loud. maybe. to just anyone. sometimes it’s easier to listen. and then when you start to listen you hear the world around you differently. maybe someone’s music is bleeding through their headphones on the metro, and it’s a song you remember from that time you drove around with that random guy you just met to get to a friend’s party. or maybe you hear the metro, and how it’s booming. maybe you realize how the snow blanketing your street makes everything so quiet that you can hear your teeth chattering. maybe you hear the fly buzzing around you relentlessly, in surround sound. and then there’s the rivers, parades, highways, dawn in a forest…

this september on If You’ve Got Ears, we’re gonna cover so much distance, to get closer to ourselves. so often that is the beauty of listening. you get exposed to the life around you revealing itself and in turn, something of you gets revealed.

the deets we’re gonna discuss: rhythm no rhythm mood rings i remember.. extinction

the place to meet: on air, 90.3fm in montreal (CKUT) every wednesday this September (lucky numbers 4, 11,18, 25) from noon til 2pm

i was thinking of you when planning this. wanna come?